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Star Jump

Marketing App that showcases your Brand using Galleries and Social Media.

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Feature Ready-Made App


SSC Heritage Trail

Site seeing app guide with map for a heritage trail

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Some of our Marketers, Designers, Developers

Errol Lem

Errol Lem: More then 30 years in the music business, studio owner and now for more then 4 years in the App business. Jura Gomes: More then 30 years in the music business, graduated from the College of MultiMedia.

App Developer
Touch Titans

Founded in 2010, Touch Titans has won several international contest and awards for design and development multiple platforms. Our clients include international brands like Red Bull, MTV, Nokia, Microsoft, AT&T and CNN.

App Developer
Stephen McCutcheon

We are a small software house that specializes in personalized, tailored-made Mobile App Development.

App Developer
Bev Merriman

Wixel builds web and mobile apps for the corporate/enterprise markets. The team prides itself on developing innovative applications that balance beauty, strategy and utility. The studio has developed a reputation for building large projects quickly.

App Developer
Trish Rock

At Strategic Business Apps, we genuinely enjoy helping business owners embrace the 'Mobile Revolution' while watching them discover for themselves the limitless benefits of an AFFORDABLE mobile business app.

App Developer
David Such

iOS, OSX and Android Software Development. Creator of Life Goals, Life Audit, Life Movie, Personality Profile & Number Converter.

App Developer